Friday 9 April 2010

Talk at the Coach in Leiden on Earthships

Had a great evening at the Coach in Leiden. The "squatters" loved the Earthship concept.

Marcel Bas: "Dit was ´n regte hool! Maar die atmosfeer was lekker. Jy was goed voorberei, Ludwig! Voorberei op verskillende vlakke :-) Het julle dit geniet?

Ludwig Everson: "Marcel dit was lekker, jou neef en vriend is goeie geselskap. Die meeste mense het die regte vrae gevra, 'all-en-all' was dit goed. Net die gerook was iets te veel ::-("

1 comment:

  1. I really enjoyed the evening. Nice to hear that you did to! I didn't expect so many interested people. I hope it was not to hard to have your talk, with sometimes discussions spontaneous popping up with such a big group.

    Again thank you for coming by. Did you know that sustainable communities are popping up all over the world?!?

    We're also planning to start a sustainable independent community in South America. I guess a lot of people see what is coming and want to get out of this system (of debt)/police state

    Taco (and all the people of the couch)