Thursday 3 November 2011

Aardskip erwe te koop - Earthship properties for sale

We have two locations that are designated for earthships in Orania.
1. In the main town close to the amenities.
2. On the northern side of the Orania koppie (hill), just outside the town on Noord Plaas.


Daar is twee plekke waar aardskepe gebou mag word in Orania.
1. In groot dorp naby alle geriewe.
2. Op rustigeheid van Noord Plaas, net noord van Orania.


Ludwig en Retha


  1. What does an Earthship-erf cost?
    What does ab Earthship- house cost?

    1. Erf - R100000-R200000
      Building - R5000-R7000/m2