Friday 4 May 2012


Currently we have the following serious challenges.

1. The one earthbag wall on the western side is not stable enough and we decided to build the store room first before we continue placing the roof.
See photo of store room in progress.

2. Due to heavy rain in April almost 200 mm. We discover earth movements on the water tanks and we analysed it and have solution to prevent it in the future.

3. Unfortunately we have a more serious water leak on the eastern side of the earthship. This was not suppose to happen, because we were fairly causes with our water protection layer. Unfortunately something went wrong and we will have to do repairs. Additions that we will add, is to keep the rain from penetrating the hill behind the earthship. Plus we will add extra water drainage systems underneath the earthship's floor.

Earthship greetings / Aardskip groete
Ludwig, Retha, Alan, Frank en Danie

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