Wednesday 23 May 2012

The roof and commitment

We once again lost a team member amazing how people just do not have any commitment or the guts to tell us what bother them. Unfortunately if more money is the issue we can not do much about that, but at least please have the decency to give us a week or two notice.
Anyway we have done it we put up the major part of the roof, the back roof is up. Well done Frank and Danie! See photos of the installation of the last plate..
The next step is to start with the building of the grey water-cell and foundation of the front glass wall.
Dit is ongelooflik meeste van my werkers het net weg geloop sonder om kennis te gee. Self my werker wat die langste (3 maande) gebly het, het geloop sonder om kennis te gee.
In elke geval die dak is op, die agter kant. Baie geluk Frank en Danie, anhouers wen!! Sien fotos.
Volgende stap is die bou van die gryswater-sel en die fondament van die voorste glasmuur.
Groete van die span
Ludwig, Retha, Frank en Danie
23 Mei 2012

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  1. Sjoe, dit het baie gevorder in 3 weke!