Saturday 26 January 2013

Voedsel vir 'n volk - - People who plant can eat.

In die foto sien u;
dat ons derde muur al plafon hoogte is, dus al die kamers het hulle mure,
tot by die eetkamer is die muur se eerste laag gepleister,
ons het begin kos kweek in die gryssel / plantebak.


We have now finished the walls for the bedrooms, however they will need some final touches. The walls are build with cob, tins and plastic bottles.
The first plaster layer is done up until the dining room. Cob plaster is made of clay rich ground, straw and shale a 1:1:1 mixture.
In the planter you will notice the start of our food production. (Beans, herbs, pumpkin, watermelon, carrots and even peanuts)

Ludwig, Retha, Arno, Pieter en Omar

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