Friday 1 February 2013

Humans use to live in caves - - So lyk ons post-morderne grot.

You see here a post-modern cave of this world.

1. The back wall is made from earthbags and plastered with cob (1 part clay rich soil: 1 part straw : 1 part shale) on a foundation of tyres.
2. The side walls are made of cob and 500 ml plastic bottles and 350 ml cans. This is also plaster with cob.
3. The floor is made of a different cob mix (1 part clay rich soil: 1 part straw : 2 part shale).


Hier sien u 'n post-moderne grot. Die grot is gebou met buitebande, sandsakke, blikkies, kleiagtige grond, strooi en skalie.

Ludwig, Retha, Arno, Pieter en Omar

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