Friday 28 June 2013

Rainwater Harvesting, Use and Re-Use Examples from South Africa and Guatemala by FD Fourie & A Venter featuring

Die foto wys waar Francios Fourie sy toespraak hou oor die gebruik van hemelwater en die hergebruik daarvan.

Kliek hier om die volledige presentasie te sien.


The photo shows Francois Fourie giving a talk on Rainwater Harvesting. One of his cases was the earthship in Orania.

Click here to download the presentation. Copyright UFS.

Extract out of the presentation:
Rainwater management
. Bloemfontein has a surface area of approximately 120 km2 and an average annual rainfall of approximately 550 mm.
. Total rainfall per annum: 66 million m3.
. This volume exceeds the current municipal water demand, even after accounting for evaporation losses and groundwater recharge.
. Most of this water is lost through the storm water drains, eventually ending up in the Modder River.

Ludwig, Retha & Arno Everson

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