Sunday 9 August 2009

Earthship building course

We came back from the earthship course very enthused to start with our own project.

We flew with Ryan air to Edinburgh and travel with Hertz car to Stonehouse where we stayed for the week in scouts accommodation. Every evening another group was responsible for dinner.
Van 09-08 Schotland

In the morning we had lectures on building earthships and building in general.
Van 09-08 Schotland

The afternoons we had piratical experience on the site at Greenhead Moss. It was great to do some actual work.
Van 09-08 Schotland

Good course for any one who wants to know more about earthships.
Thanks to Earthbuilds and Greenhead Moss

Not to forget we had a lot of fun.
Van 09-08 Schotland

Moon walking on the roof.

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