Friday 16 October 2009

Aardskip Hawe - Earthship Harbour

The Earthship Harbor project is really taking shape.

Picture by Hermine Everson.

Progress is as follows:
1. Marketing
Continues. We have a facebook cause with a growing number of members.
Click here to join cause.
2. Registration of non-profit organization
In progress.
3. Acquirement of property
In progress.
4. Architect design
Started September 2009.
5. Final approval by local government
We have an in-principle approval.
6. Acquirement and source of materials
We have contacts for auto tires, more is welcome.
7. Arrangements with the volunteers and local workers.
We have a growing number of volunteers, more is welcome. Click here to volunteer.
Laying of first tire will be March/April 2010.

Possible layout of Training Center with living quarters.

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