Friday 26 April 2013

Ons kan vaar, ons eerste oes en die toilet werk - All systems go, we can eat and we can ... go

We finished the installation of the septic tank and we managed to install the toilet as well. Gradus, JP and Izak are the main players in installing the septic tank, thank you very much.

Our planter is already producing food, look at the pumpkin and our first bean harvest.


Kyk net hoe mooi lyk ons gryswatersel, die plante groei dat die bessies bewe. Hier sien julle ons eerste bone-oes en die grote van ons pampoen.

Die Toilet werk danksy die installasie van die septiesetenk. Dankie Gradus, JP en Izak. Ludwig is besig om die Toilet te toets.

Ludwig, Retha en Arno

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