Saturday 4 May 2013

Complex water works - Koud -> warm -> grys -> plante -> grys -> swart water

In die foto sien 'n deel van die kompleksiteit van 'n aardskip se waterwerke.

Hierdie week het ons die grys water pype afgehandel.

Verder is ons besig die badkamer vloer te teël.

Here you can see part of the complexity of an earthship's water works. We catch the rain water and store it in 30kl tanks. An electrical pump, pump the water through a filter system to the hot water solar geyser and the taps. The hot water pipes are insulated with the white insulation stuff (recycled plastic bottles). The dirty (grey) water from the zinc, bath, washing and basin go to the planter. The excess water filtered by the planter is used to flush the toilet. The dirty (black) water from the toilet go to the digester (septic tank / bio-digester).

+ In the case were the planter do not have enough excess water the backup valve from the (clean) cold water system will be opened to fill the toilet cistern.

+ In the case where the planter overflows the overflow valve will be opened to let the overflow grey water go directly to the digester. The hight of the overflow will make sure that only the minimum grey water will go to the digester. However the valve should be kept close for normal function.

Ludwig, Retha en Arno

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