Saturday 13 July 2013

Elektra vorder in - - have now electricity from the bathroom to the lounge.

The earthship have now wall plugs and lights in the kitchen, dining room and lounge (living). Plus there is lights in the bathroom, kitchen, dining room and lounge.

We use 1, 2 and 6 watts LED lights. The total wattage of all the lights is only 19 watts. How ever previously we used 3x 25 halogen table lamps temporally and the wattage was close on 100 watts.

If you want to save power get LEDs. They cost more, but will last long enough that you can place them in your will and use a tenth of the power of normal globes.

Further more in the photo you will see another donation by a friend from Holland. The round white ventilation grid that can open and close on the left. Thanks Eric and Magdalene.


In die foto kan u sien dat ons vorder met ons "elektra". Die badkamer, kombuis, eetkamer en sitkamer is nou geëlektrifiseer.

Verder baie dankie aan Eric en Magdaleen wat vir ons van Nederland pragtige ronde ventilasie bedekkings gebring het.

Ludwig, Retha, Joanelle & Arno Everson

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